Thursday, March 15, 2012

We Heart SafeSplash Swim School..

For a few months our girl, Lexi has been attending swim class at SafeSplash Swim School.  We were going to the Rec Center and she just was not making the progress we were hoping for.  After we were told she needed to repeat the same class more than once we started searching for other options. We were introduced to SafeSplash when she attended one of her friends birthday parties there.  Since then we were hooked.  At this point, after a few months "she can swim!"  I say this with so much excitement.  She still has progress to make but wow what a difference.  We feel so much more secure when we are at the pool with her.  I no longer have that panic I used to have when she would head to the deeper water.

I know this is blurry picture, but I just wanted to show the smile she has on her face when she's swimming.  It doesn't go away. Before she had a hard time getting her face and hair wet.

She loves SafeSplash and so do we.

A few weeks ago she received her first ribbon.  We are so proud of her!  We were told by her instructor she is ready to test for her next ribbon in the next week or two.  Yeah to SafeSplash!!

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