Friday, March 16, 2012

Fabulous Find..Vitamix

If there was one thing that we could not do without it would be our Vitamix.  We have had it for over a year now and feel like it has been worth every penny.  We had been wanting one for a few years and were tired of purchasing a new blender every year at 40 bucks + a pop after they would break down.  When our last Black & Decker blender broke down we made the decision it was time.  Yes, it was expensive...over $500 for the deluxe package, but we feel we have made up for it by making our own smoothies and lattes alone.  We have only stepped into a Starbucks twice in the last year and that was when we were our of town.  We have not purchased a smoothie since we have had our Vitamix, due to the fact that we were afraid mere disappointment.  We love our smoothies and they are nothing but pure fruit, a shot of juice, ice and very little agave nectar.  We have also made many soups, some garbanzo and almond flour, and our homemade dog food in the Vitamix.  The difference in quality between your average blender and Vitamix are huge. We have yet to be disappointed

We make our smoothies every morning.

Looks delish, huh?

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