Saturday, June 23, 2012

Coupon Caddy Organizer

I am excited to share with you my new coupon caddy.  I saw the post on pinterest which led me to Andrea's blog simple organized living, which I absolutely love.  When you have a moment, it's a must see.  This new coupon caddy has changed my grocery shopping experience, because coupons are so easy to find. Also it give each coupon a home, so I no longer find them laying around the kitchen are crinkled up on my purse.  Please it helps me keep them organized so I know where to find them, which helps me save money. No more finding the coupon in my purse or kitchen after I purchased the item, which really adds up and used to bum me out. 

Just like Andrea, I also found my expandable coupon file at Staples.  I love Staples, it's like the Macy's of all office supply stores.  Don't get me started on that place, I will stop in just to explore and dream of how organized I can be.  I purchased the card stock at Michael's, but had to cut it down a little to make the coupon caddy less stiff and easy to use.

I am very anal about things so I had to use my label maker, which I use all the time.  I also taped the top edge with shipping tape to add more durability.  On Andrea's blog you can find her breakdown of categories, but I decided to create my own.  Here it is and feel free to use any of them or all of them.

Coupon Caddy Categories--Sub-Catagories
     Baking/Cooking - cake/cookie mixes
     Baking/Cooking - ingredients/supplies
     Baking/Cooking - spices/seasonings

     Beverages - bottle/canned drinks (water/pop/tea)
     Beverages - coffee/tea
     Beverages - juice
     Beverages - lemonade/drink mixes

     Cans/Jars - beans/legumes
     Cans/Jars - fruit/vegetables
     Cans/Jars - pasta sauce & other sauces
     Cans/Jars - soup/broth
     Cans/Jars - salsa/tomatoes
     Condiments - marinade/sauces
     Condiments - pickles/olives/relish tray items
     Condiments - salad dressing/toppings
     Condiments - sandwich/burger spreads/toppings
     Dairy/Refrigerated - cheese/meat
     Dairy/Refrigerated - chilled dough/rolls/cookies/pudding
     Dairy/Refrigerated - coffee creamer/milk
     Dairy/Refrigerated - dips/spreads/cream cheese/sour cream
     Dairy/Refrigerated - eggs/butter
     Dairy/Refrigerated - goodbelly/yogurt
     Dairy/Refrigerated - other

     Dry Goods/Grains/Starches - bread/tortillas
     Dry Goods/Grains/Starches - cereal/oatmeal/poptarts
     Dry Goods/Grains/Starches - pasta/rice/sides

     Fresh Food - bakery
     Fresh Food - deli
     Fresh Food - meat department
     Fresh Food - produce
     Fresh Food - salsa/spreads/dips
     Fresh Food - pickles/other

     Frozen Food - bread/dough
     Frozen Food - breakfast items
     Frozen Food - fruit/veggies
     Frozen Food - gluten free/dairy free
     Frozen Food - ice cream/desserts/novelties
     Frozen Food - meals
     Frozen Food - meat/seafood
     Frozen Food - pizza/pizza rolls

     Grooming Hygiene - deodorant/soap
     Grooming Hygiene - feminine hygiene
     Grooming Hygiene - hair care
     Grooming Hygiene - make up
     Grooming Hygiene - oral care
     Grooming Hygiene - skin care/shaving

     Health/Medical - cold medicine/relief
     Health/Medical - first aid
     Health/Medical - pain relievers
     Health/Medical - pharmacy other
     Health/Medical - vitamins/supplements

     Household - cleaning/laundry
     Household - food storage/wraps
     Household - hardware/batteries/lightbulbs
     Household - office/school supplies
     Household - paper goods

     Snacks/Treats - candy/gum
     Snacks/Treats - chips/pretzels
     Snacks/Treats - cookies/cakes
     Snacks/Treats - crackers
     Snacks/Treats - nuts/dried fruit/popcorn
     Snacks/Treats - snack bars/energy bars

Here's why I love it: Andrea's idea is great because each person can create it to their own needs and store layout.  Changes are easy to make.  Portable, but stretches out to hold lots of coupons.  You can store the coupons for your shopping trip in the front box and add more to it as you shop.  It really saves so much time.

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  1. You really went to town with this!! Super organized!! :) You go girl!